Neurosurgery always seemed underrepresented in the medical curriculum. Needless to say, the Education pillar was an early priority. This department’s mission is to make neurosurgical knowledge more accessible to students. In August 2020, when all of us were confined to our homes, we launched our Neurosurgical eColloquium Series with renowned German and international experts breaking down the most relevant and most complex of neurosurgical and neurological concepts. This virtual learning format received considerable encouragement even from junior students in our community. Hence, we continued with ambitious projects such as the German-Romanian Brain Mapping Symposium in December 2020 and the 1st Tech Symposium in June 2021. The largest event thus far will be the First Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery to be held in Crete in October 2021, with Dandy Germany providing the first Congress President, Ibrahim Efe.