Gaining access to neuroscience research as a student can be cumbersome. At the same time scientific understanding and involvement in research become increasingly important. With Science, we aim to make neuroscience more accessible and to encourage medical students to conduct research on their own. All projects in this branch are based on the principle of good scientific practice and early mentorship and exposure to research methodology. 

For this reason, we founded the Scientific Focus Teams which have now grown to become a vast international initiative. In small groups, selected students dive deep into up-to-date research in a subspecialty of neurosurgery.

Since the beginning of 2021, we equally offer Regional Journal Clubs in all five geographic sections of Dandy Germany. Their goal is to enable the participants to critically read a research paper and to discuss medical topics based on scientific arguments. With our Science pillar, we want to help young minds enter the world of neuroscience and offer them opportunity to take their first steps towards a scientific career. If you are interested in joining the Science Team please fill out the form bellow!